About Us

Schroeder & Schroeder is a firm that consists of experienced senior Project Managers, Management Consultants, and Corporate Managers. Our work is based on a strong value system that is grounded in a solid trust relationship with our clients. Here you will find experienced, friendly specialists who can guide from the beginning of strategy right to the end of implementation, in order to achieve the business results you desire.

Our Values

Customer Focused
We have a passion for helping others and believe that we can only survive through your success.
We understand that business can be brutal at times - to owners, employees, and sometimes to customers. We believe that the best way to deal with these situations is through open and caring communication.
Future Focused
Revisiting the past and dwelling on “failures” prevent an organization from moving forward. We are future focused and examine how we can improve on past mistakes.
Patience For "Failures"
We understand that every significant leap forward often involves a period of "failures". We exercise the patience to work through these times together with you.
We will persevere with you in order to ensure your success.
We always treat our clients with respect and professionalism.
We serve to protect our clients from unnecessary risk and help point out possible pitfalls and dangers through our experience and proven approaches.
We believe in the integrity of our clients.
Your Success
Your success is our primary goal. We will not take the credit for what you have accomplished.
Rational Competition
Envying the success of others can lead to irrational and inappropriate behaviour. We will work together to ensure we have a realistic and objective approach to setting goals and targets.
Bold - Not Impudent
We realize that even the most successful organizations can fall. Hence, we are always vigilant against overconfidence.
Positive Optimism
We recognize that all problems have solutions and embrace problems as an opportunity for growth.
Team Work
Anger and tension in an organization can lead to sub-optimal behaviour. We work towards maintaining an objective perspective among all stakeholders in an organization.
Honesty & Integrity
We believe that honesty and integrity an integral part in all of our dealings.
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Our beliefs such as stewardship, empathy and being future-focused permeates everything we do. We believe that corporations are meant to serve society as a whole in addition to their specific customers. As such, we feel it is important to give back in meaningful ways. Below is a list of organizations we regularly support financially and in-kind.

Partnerships & Accreditations

Schroeder & Schroeder works with a diverse network of organizations, through various partnerships and associations, to deliver quality organizational solutions like no other. Please click any one of the logos below for more information.

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