Notable Clients

What Our Clients Have To Say

Vantis Credit Union

“The project was about high level strategic planning, to establish a clear direction …they where able to help us put it together and direct the Board. Very good work completed and in a good manner … much team work was involved between the consultant and our senior managers. The Board worked with them as well to make decisions together. We were able to make sure everyone was on the same page, understanding the direction we should be talking. It was very easy to work with them, they where flexible, always bringing ideas to the table that we weren’t able to come up with. They challenged us to approach different things. The project was delivered in a very timely manner, as well as at a very competitive price. The end result was astonishing. We will surpassed our 2010 BAHG in less than two years and in the processed will lead the financial industry with our technological advancement identified during the board strategic planning session ”

Mike Audette
President and CEO

Alberta Teacher’s Association

“It was a study of our sub-groups within the association … we were working with a tight timeline to complete the project … we were extremely ambitious, a lot of 14 hour work days. The process was excellent … we learned a lot from it. They where excellent at teaching and taking us through it. They are slave drivers, which was good, since we had tight timelines; they where really good in terms of keeping things going, which I thought was excellent. The results became our bible, it is a reference for all of the other projects that we are doing. We were able to refer back to that study on almost everything we’ve done so far … and we are able to transfer it right into an implementation phase. I would work with them again.”

Pat Dalton
Coordinator, Operations

HTX – The Health Technology Exchange

“We worked with them for 3 months to develop a comprehensive plan that was used to declare the justification for funding from government. Mainly it was a process of building a business plan; they came up with a rigorous process that presented a clear idea of what we needed to do. They where able to extract knowledge from the information given and develop it into a complete plan. It was easy to work with them, as the consulting team had the ability to be flexible in order to enable the process to move forward. They had the ability to get deep enough in our issues and the details, and to understand them. They are mature and disciplined consultants.”

Mickey Milner
Managing Director

Peter Goodhand,
Chairman of the Board


“… worked with senior company management … were a key primary element in a successful large scale process and organizational restructuring … successfully managed change in a tough and complicated political environment …. showed creativity, initiative and a commitment to the company’s interests …. delivered on time and on budget, under an aggressive timetable and budget …. embraced challenges head on … exhibited extensive knowledge, experience and business acumen in a broad range and depth of services … were able to think well on their feet, utilizing above-average judgment ability …. where able to carry out especially difficult assignments successfully … would definitely use them again …”

Robert Cooper
Vice-President Finance – Treasurer

Nationwide Life Insurance Company

“…a tough committee divided along philosophical lines…helped them think their way through issues… expertise was outstanding…benefits were excellent…”

Matthew Easley
Vice President

County of Lanark

“…listened to us and took good notes … were very good in their understanding of the HR field and had a wealth of experience from which they drew from … very approachable … are making improvements as per recommendations and are seeing positive changes … becoming a stronger organization that is less reactive and more proactive now – this is very positive in a lot of areas.”

Cynthia Moyle

Health Industry Office, Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology

“… this was a difficult project with a lot of stakeholders … were given a most difficult task with little time … and did fantastic …. worked with great depth and breadth … very systematic thinkers … gave quality and quantity to all their work …a great help to the Public of Ontario … a great success … will use them again …”

Walter Kushnir
Manager, Health Industry Office

University of Toronto

“…the entire process was done very professionally…the job performed was excellent…very pleased and happy with the end result…”

Robert G. White
Chief Financial Officer

Kanata Chemical Technologies

“… facilitated and arranged lots of networking opportunities, set up professional meetings, conducted brainstorming sessions, helped identify priorities and reviewed milestones. Very satisfied … helped us to identify more responsible cooperate strategies, our priorities, and assisted in putting in place a procedure to solve the problems and responsibilities that we needed to deal with. They are very eager to help, down to earth, eager to provide assistance and has a large knowledge base. It is in our interest to have additional arrangements with them as soon as opportunities present themselves.”

Kamaluddin Abdur-Rashid

Westcoast Energy

“…put their heart and soul into this…helped us make the decisions, rather than making them for us…showed us different models to guide us…were so easy to discuss issues and ideas with…”

John Cripps
Manager, Engineering & Construction

UPI Energy

“…excellent…emphatic, friendly, knowledgeable…best for the job…”

Robert P. Sicard
President and CEO

Spar Aerospace Ltd

“…the approach was pragmatic with appropriate relevance…. articulated the assignment well…”

Ingrid Hann
Director, Human Resources

CHC Helicopter Corporation

“…well prepared…well educated…very efficient…”

Sylvain Allard

Homewood Health

“…was a difficult project…were able to step back and analyse…”

Dr. Edgardo Perez
CEO and Chief of Staff

Economical Insurance Group

“…was very successful…were strong contributors to my team…excellent results that are still being applied…”

Bill McCrea
Corporate Responsibility Officer

Wawatay Native Communications Society

“…the special challenge was to get everyone involved and on the same page … their strong support and incredible knowledge helped to make the needed outcome feasible … were able to keep everyone on track and to keep harmony”

Christine Chisel
Finance Coordinator

ADM, Land & Trust Services – Indian and Northern Affairs

“…was impressive…had great qualifications; laid out a good process for us and then addressed the issues…really knew the stuff…were great diagnosticians…”

Bob Watts
ADM, Land & Trust Services

Kleysen Transport

“…excellent skills in walking everyone through visioning…so amiable and helpful,…a true success…”

Roger Ramsay
VP Human Resources (former)

Hoechst Celanese Canada

“…were a great mediators and gave a sense of comfort…brought in well researched material and were very knowledgeable…”

Doreen Kojoian
Manager, Corporate Benefits (former)

John Brooks Company

“…very congenial and likeable…they were great, knowledgeable…”

Adrian O’Connor
General Manager

Baxter Verticut Inc

“…work was successful…liked the people …liked the ideas…would enjoy working together in the future…”

Jim Baxter


“…all of the work was done very professionally and ahead of time…great to work with… on the calendar to work with again in the future…great marketing skills…well educated…”

George Karpouzis

County of Lanark

“… did a good job of coming in with lots of experience and no baggage, which effectively gave us a view from the outside looking in …. were good would use them again …”

Gary Doyle

Wawatay Native Communications Society

“… could not have done the extracting of knowledge and generation of revenues without their expertise …. the final results received very high approval ratings … will be looking at hiring them for the implementation phase …”

Elizabeth Kiyawasew

National Institute of Nutrition

“…helped us to refocus and adopt solutions that have proven to be successful…great job done…”

Bruce McDonald
Chair, Board of Trustees

Missisquoi Insurance Company

“…the project was excellent…good team work…was completed on time and with great success…the benefits attained were major…”

Michel Bedard
VP Underwriting

CHC Helicopter Corporation

” …had great knowledge and techniques…the takeover was highly successful…”

Jo Mark Zurel
Senior VP and CFO


“…greatly facilitated the restructuring endeavor at Stelco. Their assistance was invaluable at both the theoretical (through for example, the provision of thought provoking treatises on various topics) and practical levels. They were particularly successful assisting us in developing consensus in employee groups where one might have thought consensus was impossible! They were a force for positive change in a change-resistant culture ”

Mario DeMarco
Director, Human Resources

RDG Northern Affairs Yukon Region - Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

“…smart people …used their many skills to facilitate the group through a number of difficult situations…”

Terry Sewell
RDG Northern Affairs Yukon Region

UPI Energy

“…one of the biggest challenges we had to deal with…brought great style, great methodology, great thought processes…ended with terrific results…”

Cliff Brown

The Economical Insurance Group

“…their wealth of experience helped to keep such a large group focused…and were highly effective in helping the group deliver on the vision…”

Catherine Coulson
Branch Manager

Kleysen Transport Limited

“…were great, fun, knowledgeable…worked well with the whole team…”

Bob Lafreniere
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Ontario Prospectors Association NWOPA

“…their personality, experience, and ability to quickly adapt to the needs of unique situations are all part of what make them excellent facilitators…”

Dave Christianson

Ontario Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology

“… contributed a great deal … had a great focus on the time crunch … had the ability to work with all people in short order.”

Don Bourgeois
Counsel, Legal Services Branch

Economical Insurance Group

“…the work was done in a very professional manner…very easy to work with…”

Garry Fox
Branch Manager

“…excellent, highly competent, very professional in work ethics…”

Kim Lim

UPI Energy

“…a project that was very successful…they were very open-minded with a great sense of humour…people with rich resources and a wealth of knowledge…”

Larry Melynk
Director, Human Resources

Homewood Health Centre

“…did better than anyone else…”

Colin Ferguson
General Manager & Director of Human Resources

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

“…came in with a fresh approach…were able to keep order and structure…smart, experienced, patient and always in control…exactly what was needed…”

Doug Bulloch
Assistant Director

Bedrock Consulting

“…was completed in a timely fashion…worked well under pressure…congealed logic…”

Bob Komarechka


“…completed with enthusiasm, on time, with good results…excellent skills…beneficial investment…”

Jim Brown
VP Business Development