Business analysts have recently reported on a renewed growth of investment innovation driven largely by competitive pressures, with a greater emphasis on ROI generation than before the global financial crisis. Investment in R&D for innovation, however, is not enough to help a company become or remain competitive in the current business climate; it is crucial that a strategic approach is adopted. This means focusing on those areas in which the company can be “leading edge” competitive, and continually adjusting not only the products and services offered, but also the operational processes and overall business model to meet the needs of the target market. Companies need to be able to examine and assess their current competitive position and consider how to implement bold or disruptive innovations that improve this. Most importantly, a focus on end-to-end processes from idea to commercialization is needed to help close the well documented “commercialization gap”, which has been plaguing Canada’s global competitiveness in recent years. An idea cannot generate business value unless it is successfully developed and brought to market.