Our client was a large company offering products and services in the financial services sector The organization was in the midst of an acquisition and merger with another company.


The main challenges we faced on this project included:

  • Synergizing the operational strategies of both companies
  • Dealing with the integration of radically different cultures in each company
  • Dealing with the technical aspects of the proposed merger


To address these challenges, our lån-pengar sms lan consultants:

  • Provided advice, coaching and assistance with the process of change management and process integration for the merger
  • Acted as an effective “sounding board”
  • Helped to ensure all necessary tasks were completed for the merger
  • Helped to keep participating individuals focused
  • Brought together each company’s way of doing business for increased customer service and profitability


At the conclusion of the project all the key success factors had been achieved, and the client was highly satisfied with the project deliverables and the value added by Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. Our actions resulted in:

  • A financially and operationally successful merger
  • Use of each company’s skills to increase their position in their industry
  • Successful realization of the operational and strategic synergies needed to make the merger successful

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