Our client was a provincial Ministry that was acting as a catalyst in the formation of an organization designed to facilitate translational health research. The organization required a full description of the organization’s mandate and its operational requirements in order to facilitate the launch of the organization. A full requirements definition was also needed as a basis for bringing on a Board, senior management and needed staff.


The main challenges we faced on this project included:

  • Dealing with the complexities of multi-stakeholder requirements
  • Developing a private-public sector collaboration model that would meet all needs and value systems
  • Developing a business model that would allow for a self-sustaining organization within a foreseeable time period
  • Developing concrete operational parameters from original concepts


To address these challenges, our consultants:

  • Worked with senior clinical, legal and management staff in defining requirements
  • Collected available background information and data
  • Worked with senior staff and management in developing a business model and operational requirements
  • Prepared business requirements plan and documentation material for presentation to relevant stakeholders


At the conclusion of the project all the key success factors had been achieved, and the client was highly satisfied with the project deliverables and the value added by Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. Our actions resulted in:

  • A plan to address operational requirements
  • The successful launch of the organization
  • Ongoing success of the organization in delivering on its mandate