Our client was an airline company that provided many different services to a number of markets. The organization was facing “hostile take-over” merger situation.


The main challenges we faced on this project included:

  • Dealing with friction between the merging companies
  • Making the merger as profitable as possible for all involved
  • Having to adapt to the global market and the issues therein


To address these challenges, our consultants:

  • Identified integration and change management issues for the merger
  • Worked with the client to determine how to best integrate their business and processes with the other company
  • Developed integration approaches to smooth the merger integration and maximize strategic and operational synergies


At the conclusion of the project all the key success factors had been achieved, and the client was highly satisfied with the project deliverables and the value added by Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. Our actions resulted in:

  • A highly successful take-over, with the acquiring company seeing a doubling of profits in the first year and tripling in the second year after the merger
  • A larger number of shares bought, as well as additional financing for the company
  • Ultimately, happier customers and service users