Our client was a small family-owned manufacturing company facing significant cash flow problems and experiencing problems based on leadership and organization. The company required a turnaround strategy to get the organization back on the right track.


The main challenges we faced on this project included:

  • Successfully turning around the client’s situation so as to make the best of the current situation
  • Working within a short time frame


To address these challenges, our consultants:

  • Diagnosed the situation and assessed where the source of problems lay
  • Developed recommendations on what could be best leveraged as a strong basis for the turnaround
  • Provided a timely solution for the most pressing problems while developing a plan for leadership and organizational change


At the conclusion of the project all the key success factors had been achieved, and the client was highly satisfied with the project deliverables and the value added by Schroeder & Schroeder Inc. Our actions resulted in:

  • A successful turn-around of the organization
  • Replacement of the CEO of the organization
  • Getting the organization successfully back on its way to success