Program Design and Evaluation

A good business “program” of services and products delivers on your business objectives while being efficient and cost effective. Poor programs can cause an unnecessary waste of time and money, while at the same time increasing risk throughout your organization. Our professionals are waiting to work alongside you to design new, effective programs that will meet your business needs; or we can help you to conduct an evaluation of one of your current programs.

How We Can Help

With your success in mind, our senior professionals can help increase the value of your organization by helping you design an effective program or to evaluation a current program of services and products. Our consultants can help to: assess if a program remains as a fit with core business objectives, determine its effectiveness in terms of outcomes and objectives, evaluate the performance of the program’s progress towards identified goals, and assess the program’s efficiency.

Specifically, our consultants can assist you with the following activities:

Evaluating the core business relevance of a program, including:

  • Priority statements
  • Mission statements
  • Core business outcomes

Evaluating the affordability & sustainability of a program, including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Information on initiatives or proposed initiatives
  • Program profile elements

Evaluating the effectiveness of a program, including:

  • Effectiveness performance measures
  • Historical record of performance measures
  • Forecast of future program outputs
  • Relevant customer service measures

Evaluating the underlying logic models of a program, including:

  • Strategic plans
  • Organizational plans
  • Program work plans
  • Manuals and training materials
  • Budgets and sources of funding

Evaluating the efficiency of a program, including:

  • Efficiency performance measures
  • Financial data
  • Forecasts of revenues and costs

Key Considerations

Questions to Ask

  • Do our business services and products program design align with our organization’s goals and milestones
  • What are the critical success factors we need in address to ensure that our services and products programs will deliver on the intended business objectives?
  • What aspects of our business services and products programs are we evaluating? Have we identified the correct metrics to measure and standards to measure them by?

Thoughts to Consider

  • Business services and products program design always begins with your organization’s strategy; it is important to align your programs’ goals and milestones with organization’s objectives.
  • One effective method for linking program design and evaluation is the program logic model. A program logic model is a picture of how your business program works – the theory and assumptions underlying the program.
  • Each program is unique and aimed at achieving a range of different outcomes. As you are developing your evaluation plan, it is important to define what you want to evaluate.

With a solid business services and products program design or evaluation your organization will:

  • Increase the value of its services and products programs
  • Help ensure that the objectives of its programs and business goals are met
  • Avoid inefficiencies in business practices
  • Be in a position to provide affordable and sustainable services and products
  • Have a basis for continuous improvement of its services and products
  • Benefit from having an unbiased, objective outside viewpoint